301Mark Jennings-Bates

Leading our SEO team is Canadian Adventurer and entrepreneur, Mark Jennings-Bates. For the past several years Mark has been participating in and leading large scale adventures and has developed skills to assist in marketing his projects including video marketing strategies and SEO work. Most recently in a large expedition to set a new Guinness World Record he garnered over half a billion media impressions. Mark has now built a team to help you benefit from his knowledge and learn how to market yourself in a digital environment. Mark’s personal web page ranks on the front of google results for Canadian Keynote Speaker and Canadian Adventurer.

ValerianaValeriana Parungao

With a Computer Engineering degree, Valeriana has helped countless clients to achieve success with their SEO campaigns and is efficient at helping the team produce optimized articles and media releases. As the person with her finger on the button, Valeriana will be ensuring that your web presence and digital marketing strategies are executed and maintained.