TypewriterOkay so we want to talk to you about the three most simple tips we can give you to write an article from an SEO perspective for your blog. 

One of the most important things that we find is if people read your blog, we often expect that they’ll go to the website and subscribe or contact us.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Everything on the internet needs to be seamless and simple.

So here’s a few tips that actually gain you new clients and you’ll be amazed at how successful this process can be if done correctly. One of the most important things is to write your article from an SEO perspective. This ensures that you will continue to get good value from Google’s bots as they check your site.

So let’s look at the three top tips to help you do that.

  1. The most important thing is writing your title and selecting your keywords. So choose the title carefully after having evaluated the keywords that you feel appropriately attract the client you are looking for and at the same time create list of the keywords or tags you want to use in the article as well as the meta tags to help people find your article. Remember this needs to be done with a marketing text in mind so you don’t want to do what we call keyword stuffing (just writing an article and using the same keyword over and over again). More correctly what you want to do is write an educational or informational article that peppers the keywords throughout the text. In doing this you will ensure you’re giving yourself the best opportunity for your article on your blog to be read and consequently to drive traffic to your site.
  2. Secondly we need to include links within the article. One of the most powerful types of links the Google really likes is a contextual link. This is a link where we take a keyword and we hyper link the key word back to our domain. For example if my company is called Mike’s Auto Sales and in my text I reference Ford Motor Cars then I could highlight Ford Motor Cars when I can text you a link they took you back to Mikes Auto Sales. These are very powerful backlinking strategies for google. As part of the same process, the closing paragraph under your article should be your sales pitch with a link directly back to your website. Don’t overlook this step because often times people may copy your article and now you’ll get credit for it.
  3. One final tip at this point is to use a web to lead capture form from the customer relationship management program. This allows the client to give you the email address and subscribe to your newsletter. You will be surprised how many new leads you get from simply adding the lead capture form at the bottom of each article.

With these points in mind you will now turn every article into a lead traffic magnet

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